Welcome to Beston.

Welcome to Beston Consulting, formerly known as BBFL Caribbean Limited. We’ve always been proud of our versatility and ability to evolve to serve our clients better. So this new change is a celebration of those strong leadership values that we were built on and our commitment to quality. Beston now means boldness, excellence and longevity.

About Us

Beston Consulting sits firmly at the helm of engineering in the Caribbean. We’re founded by a family of experienced and expert engineers, whose firm values and forward thinking are still held today. Now, we’re a team of highly trained and versatile experts who enjoy solving complex problems for our clients. We’ve proudly provided the highest quality engineering services to government and private sector clients across the region. This was achieved by taking bold steps and constantly adapting.


Blake Beston Francois & Associates was founded in 1992 offering professional multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy services. Wayne Loquan joined the team in 1995 and the company expanded to BBFL Consultants Limited. We have adapted to shifting needs in the market by adjusting our services and practices to always be ahead of the game. This way, we cater to the varied needs of our wide spectrum of clients across the Caribbean region.
Our most recent name change to Beston Consulting represents the adaptability that has kept us ahead in the industry and is recognition of the strength and character on which the company was built.


At Beston Consulting, we specialize in solutions. We’ve become known for our bold approach to solving difficult problems and enjoy the challenge of using technology and innovation to find unique solutions and bridge gaps within the industry. We’ve adapted over the years to the changing needs of the industry to make our core structure stronger and more reliable and continue to offer the highest quality consulting possible.